Welcome to my website

The best ways to cool off on a hot summer's day is to jump in a crystal clear lake. On the way my to the pier my thoughts are on how refreshing that first dive into the water is going to make me feel. Not only stimulated, but at the same time comforted as upon entering you float and let the waves take you to a peaceful state of mind. It's always the same you can count on it.
That is the way I feel when I visit the Irén Kleiven - Kunst/Arts website. The various offerings, from brightly colored prints, to pillow casings and greeting cards consistently invite my thoughts to drift from the mundane to a place of comfort and trust in the sincerity and choice of words in Iren's works. A sip of coffee or tea from a cup designed and created by Irén Kleiven - Kunst/Arts is sweet, without adding any sugar.
: )
Rob Hauge, Chicago